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10/06/2017 | 05:16pm

For Switzerland's Central Bank, $30 Billion in Profits but Not Much Reward 

Imagine being a money manager sitting on profits of over $30 billion in the third quarter alone that you can't cash in. Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Swiss central banking.

Trump Officials Propose Wide-Ranging Rethink of Market Regulations 

The Trump administration wants to do away with signature markets regulations of the financial crisis era, including a requirement that companies show how much CEOs are paid compared to average workers.

Why the Fed Won't Stand in the Way of Trump's Tax Cuts 

Faster growth spurred by tax cuts and other supply-driven factors would be welcomed by the Fed. But the implications for monetary policy aren't straightforward.

Trump Tax Plan and You: WSJ Answers More of Your Questions 

Readers still have many questions about deductions-for property taxes, Health Savings Accounts and alimony-plus the proposed plan's effects on Americans living abroad.

A Warning Shot on Equifax: Index Provider Flagged Security Issues Last Year 

A year before Equifax disclosed a breach that compromised the private information of 145.5 million consumers, MSCI warned of signs that the credit reporting firm was failing to protect its data.

Hong Kong Stocks, at 10-Year High, Still Have Room to Run 

Asia's star performer of 2017 has joined the club of stock indexes hitting multidecade or record highs, as Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index topped 2015 highs, revisiting levels last seen a decade ago.

RBA Still Not Ruling Out Rate Cut 

A slump in Australian retail sales is no cause for immediate alarm, but a wider stalling of consumption could still prompt action, central banker Ian Harper tells WSJ.

Why Caisse's Michael Sabia Isn't Your Typical Pension Fund Chief 

A high-stakes bet on a billion-dollar transit project is the latest example of Michael Sabia's aggressive, hands-on brand of managing investments at Quebec's largest pension fund.

Fed's Bostic: Labor Market Faces Challenges Despite Low Unemployment 

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said that despite low unemployment, the U.S. labor market faces problems in the form of employers unable to fill vacancies and longstanding disadvantages faced by minorities.

Trading Database Could Be Delayed Due to Data-Security Hitches 

U.S. exchanges overseeing the creation of a vast database of stock and options trades have discussed whether to delay its mid-November launch because the project's contractor hasn't met key data-security milestones, according to people familiar with the matter.


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