DSRT: Desert Control signs first agreement in United Arab Emirates

06/10/2022 | 01:55pm

Sandnes, Norway, 10 June 2022 - Desert Control AS (DSRT) signs its first
commercial agreement in UAE

Norwegian AgTech company Desert Control has developed a liquid natural clay
(LNC) that restores soil and reduces water usage for agriculture and green
landscapes. Following joint venture signing in Dec 2021, with Mawarid Desert
Control LLC in Abu Dhabi, for sales and distribution in the UAE; local
operations and commercial arms are now in place for roll out. 
Desert Control inks its first sales contract in UAE, on 10 June 2022, to supply
and implement the liquid natural clay (LNC) for landscape. This represents a
real impact adoption going beyond the validation phase into true believers in
the innovative water-saving-soil-saving solution. The first adopter sees value
beyond the water saving factor, whereas facility management practices meet the
sustainable objectives of the UAE with a cost saving and longer lasting
prosperous impact. A first step towards reducing water in landscaping
environments to free up resources for food security.

Preparation work is underway, ahead of mobilizing the team to the assigned area.
An update will follow on the implementation day by end of June. 

LNC solution is a nimble, cost efficient, rapid enabling tool to overcome
pressing challenges of preserving natural resources to grow more food locally in
healthy soil for better local food autonomy. The Agri-Tech innovation combats
desertification with loss of fertile soil and helps prevent plant fatalities in
areas with limited access to freshwater or sweet water resources. 

Over the past years Desert Control ran a series of testing, piloting and
validation in the Middle East, targeting agriculture and landscape segment in
the UAE.

Following the issued validation certificate from International Centre for
Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai, specialized in agricultural research,
Desert Control confidently shares the proven performance of the LNC in the UAE.
The study focused on LNC performance on various soil types in the Emirates
taking into account the salinity levels, diverse vegetation found in local
agriculture and landscape, water quality, agriculture practices and climate all
year round. With those conditions into account, LNC can achieve up to 50% of
water saving. This translates into getting a higher and better outcome with less

LNC is hyper disruptive water saving irrigation and soil enriching innovation,
due to its efficient adaptation on existing rooted plants and lawn which gives
it a competitive advantage. 

For more information, please contact: 

Nancy Carda 
Head of Group Marketing and Communications
Desert Control

Email: nancy.carda@desertcontrol.com
Mobile (UAE): +971 50 66 01097 

Ole Kristian Sivertsen 
President and Group CEO 

Email: oks@desertcontrol.com
Mobile (NOR): +47 957 77 777 
Mobile (USA): +1 650 643 6136
Mobile (UAE): +971 52 521 7049 

About Desert Control: 

Desert Control specializes in climate-smart Agri-tech solutions to combat
desertification, soil degradation, and water scarcity. Its patented Liquid
Natural Clay (LNC) enables sustainable ecosystem management by restoring and
protecting soil's ability to preserve water and increase yields for agriculture,
forests, and green landscapes. LNC enables sand and degraded soil to retain
water and nutrients, thus increasing crop yields and ecosystem resilience while
preserving water resources by up to 50%.    

Agriculture and food production already consume more than 70% of all available
freshwater. Desertification and soil degradation further increases water
consumption in a negative spiral. Our growing global population will require
more food in the next 40 years than was produced over the last 500 years,
putting even more pressure on vital resources such as water. This is the problem
Desert Control is determined to solve. According to the United Nations, twelve
million hectares of fertile land perish to desertification, representing an
annual $490 billion loss to the global economy. 

Desert Control's vision is making earth green again. 


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