STORY: Elon Musk looks to be doing more layoffs at Tesla.

Reports by The Information on Tuesday (April 30) say he's fired two top executives, and plans to get rid of hundreds more workers.

Musk is said to be frustrated by falling sales, and the pace of earlier job cuts.

The story quotes an email said to be from Musk.

In it he says, "these actions are making it clear that we need to be absolutely hard core about headcount".

In an apparent warning to managers, he says "while some on exec staff are taking this seriously, most are not yet doing so".

There was no immediate response to a Reuters request for comment.

It all follows a move earlier this month to shed some 10% of the company's workforce.

Tesla is grappling with falling sales and an intensifying price war which it started.

Reporting earnings last week, it said all that led to its first quarterly drop in revenue since 2020.

Musk this weekend made a surprise visit to China, the epicenter of the price battle.

There he made progress on rolling out the brand's advanced driver assistance features in the country.

However, Tesla faces fierce competition from local makers like BYD in what is now the world's biggest car market.