Jordi Alegre Sala

Jordi Alegre Sala

Private Equity Investor at Miura Partners SGEIC SA

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As a member of the Miura founding team, Jordi has instilled his passion and optimism into the culture and values ??of the firm and the team he works with.
He defines himself as a very familiar person, a friend of his friends and his strength lies in the positive energy and the bonds of trust between people.
His attitude in and out of the office is consistent and he fights for the same purpose: to build a better future for companies and those around him.
Jordi joined Miura Partners in 2007.
He has been a partner since 2014 and was appointed Managing Partner in 2020.
Throughout his career at Miura, he has led some of the firm's most relevant investments and has executed complex international consolidation business projects.
Likewise, he participates in opportunity origination processes and in the development of portfolio companies.
Previously, Jordi worked at Mercapital, participating in a wide variety of investments and accompanying portfolio companies.
He was also at Morgan Stanley London, both in the mergers and acquisitions division and in the capital markets division.
In addition, he has worked as a civil engineer at FCC.

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Private Equity Investor 2010-05-31
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Private Equity Analyst 2005-06-29
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École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris Graduate Degree

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