Roderick Gillum

Roderick Gillum

Director/Board Member at KELLANOVA

Net worth: 960 976 $ as of 2024-04-29

73 year
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Roderick D.
is currently the Vice Chairman at New Detroit, Inc. and the Chairman at Motor Enterprises, Inc. (Michigan).
He is also an Independent Director at Kellanova, a Director at the Detroit Economic Club, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, the National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc., the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., the Michigan Colleges Foundation, and Invest Detroit.
Additionally, he is a Trustee at the W.K.
Kellogg Foundation and a Principal at Jackson Lewis LLP.
In the past, Mr. Gillum has served as the Chairman of the General Motors Foundation, Inc., a Director at Holcim (US), Inc., the National Urban League, Inc., UnidosUS, and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. He has also held positions at General Motors Corp., Saturn Corp., the National Labor Relations Board, and Motors Liquidation Co.Mr. Gillum completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University in 1972.
He went on to earn a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1985 and another graduate degree from Northeastern University in 1975.

Known holdings in public companies

CompanyDateNumber of sharesValuationValuation date
2024-05-05 16,441 ( 0.00% ) 960 976 $ 2024-04-29

Roderick Gillum active positions

KELLANOVA Director/Board Member 2019-02-20
Director/Board Member -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
Director/Board Member 2012-12-31
Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
Michigan Colleges Foundation Director/Board Member -
National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. Director/Board Member -
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Training of Roderick Gillum

Michigan State University Undergraduate Degree
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate Degree
Northeastern University Graduate Degree

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