MUNICH (dpa-AFX) - According to a study, the proportion of women on DAX supervisory boards has reached a high of more than 40 percent this year. However, management roles for women in the supervisory bodies of the 40 most valuable companies on the Frankfurt stock exchange are still the great exception, summarizes the personnel consultancy Russell Reynolds in the evaluation published on Tuesday. In the previous study, the proportion of female supervisory board members was 38.6 percent.

Since 2016, a 30 percent women's quota has been prescribed for the supervisory boards of listed companies with parity co-determination. The vast majority of DAX companies now exceed this quota. This puts Germany in seventh place in a European comparison, with France in first place with around 46% women.

According to Russell Reynolds, for the second year in a row, more female supervisory board members than male supervisory board members were newly elected this year. Women make up the majority of four DAX supervisory boards: Vonovia, Beiersdorf, Hannover Re and Zalando, while half of the members of three others are female: Bayer, Commerzbank and Covestro. According to the analysis, 24 of the 40 companies have a proportion of women of over 40 percent on the supervisory board.

However, according to Russell Reynolds, only two of the forty DAX companies have a woman on the supervisory board, and only a fifth of the supervisory board committees are chaired by women.

According to the analysis, the proportion of women is far above average when it comes to a topic that is traditionally considered "soft" in business and politics: according to the study, sustainability experts now sit on half of the DAX supervisory boards, and three quarters of these positions are held by women.

In terms of money, serving on a DAX supervisory board is lucrative for both men and women: according to Russell Reynolds, the average remuneration in the 2023 financial year amounted to EUR 200,000, seven percent more than in the previous year.

Russell Reynolds specializes in executive search and consulting, the company is headquartered in the USA and has offices in 47 countries./cho/DP/zb