Recent news headlines such as “A Third Of America's 18- To 34-Years-Olds Live With Their Parents” or “Jobs become more elusive for recent U.S. college grads” reflect real challenges for American families. Edwards-Pitt’s book provides valuable lessons for families hoping to launch successful and happy children. ‘Raised Health, Wealthy and Wise: Lessons from Successful Inheritors on how they got that way, details real stories from interviews the author conducted. The book is being discussed in NY’s financial media circles where Edwards-Pitt has been featured on several shows and in leading news outlets.

“The book is centered around interviews I did with real children of wealthy families, now all grown into successful, engaged, self-motivated adults, asking them what family messages they think contributed to their success,” said Covie Edwards-Pitt. “What I learned is organized into 5 chapters of key lessons, with multiple real-life anecdotes and quotes woven throughout. It takes hard work and sometimes tough love no matter the socio-economic background of any family to raise successful and driven kids.”

Covie is a Chief Wealth Advisory Officer of a wealth advising firm, Ballentine Partners. They advise 140+ families, averaging a net worth of $50 million. While the book is focused on the very wealthy, the lessons it reveals are surprisingly relevant and applicable to anyone raising their children in an environment more affluent than their own upbringing. In an age when a child can be overindulged with $1 trinkets from Walmart, the messages in this book about limit setting, accountability, work ethic, and sound money values are key reminders even for parents not living in the 1%.

“Anyone in this industry is familiar with how difficult it is for parents to navigate the terrain of wealth and child rearing,” said Edwards-Pitt. “I wrote my book to allow these parents to hear from real children who have survived the gauntlet of being raised amid wealth and emerged happy, healthy, and productive on the other side, hoping these voices will inspire them to put in place the messages these children found successful. I chose to self-publish my book so I could retain complete control over the final product.”

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Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®
Covie is the Chief Wealth Advisory Officer of Ballentine Partners, LLC, a firm that specializes in providing investment and wealth management advice to wealthy families and entrepreneurs. Covie leads the firm’s wealth advising practice and several of the firm’s large family client engagements. She began her career at Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard University.

Covie has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Women in Wealth Management” (Wealth Manager/ 2008-2011) and one of the “20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management” (Institutional Investor News 2008).

Ms. Edwards-Pitt serves as the Chair of the Professional Advisor Committee of the Boston Foundation. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter. Visit the author online at

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