STORY: :: Blasts from a fire at a military depot in Chad destroy a nearby medical clinic

:: N'Djamena, Chad?

:: June 19, 2024

:: Mahamout Hamit, As Salam Medical Center manager

"Last night, at around 10 p.m., there were massive explosions at the military camp. The camp is not far from us, just 100 meters away. There were explosives, and we noticed a number of things. The building shook violently. Fortunately, there were no human casualties, but we had to evacuate all staff and patients immediately."

The explosions, which lit up the night sky and sent artillery shells raining down on surrounding neighborhoods, also severely impacted the clinic's equipment and facilities.

While at least nine people were killed and dozens injured in the wider area from the ammunition depot blasts, the clinic had no reports of casualties among patients or staff due to the prompt evacuation.