Boyd Corporation, a leading global provider of integrated thermal management and engineered material solutions, announced the acquisition of ThermaMasters, a thermal management company specializing in liquid cooling system components and vacuum brazing for industrial power markets in North America and Europe. The acquisition is well aligned to Boyd’s commitment to support the growing need for liquid cooled systems and components in the rapidly expanding industrial power market. The acquisition will operate under Boyd’s specialty thermal brand, Aavid, a global organization that carries almost 100 years of tradition and vision committed to advocating for customer needs and driving technological evolution.

Markets are demanding ever increasing power and electronics performance that is driving faster speeds, greater power density and rising energy storage demands. This evolution is advancing beyond the performance limitations of traditional air cooling and requiring the transition to liquid cooling. ThermaMasters’ advanced vacuum brazing technology and liquid cold plate manufacturing capacity help enable Boyd Corporation to continue to exceed the performance needs resulting from increasing heat loads of evolving, higher performance devices at growing volumes demanded by the market.

“Boyd invests in long-term customer partnerships and the manufacturing capabilities needed to best support them. Our industrial power customers are faced with performance challenges where traditional air cooling technologies are now insufficient and are increasingly turning to liquid cooling systems for advanced thermal performance,” stated Boyd CEO Doug Britt. “Boyd’s acquisition of ThermaMasters is a step in our continued journey to accommodate this growing demand and enable our customers’ success with speed, agility, unrelenting quality, and innovative solutions.”

ThermaMasters’ capabilities further support and are tightly aligned with Boyd’s robust global manufacturing and design capabilities for liquid cooled systems. Dedication to developing innovative cooling solutions and best lean manufacturing practices ensures Boyd can better support customers’ growth plans and accelerated speed to market for high volume, high performance applications.

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