Christian Sinding, CEO of EQT, shared his vision for investments in the technology sector, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. 

The CEO recognises the significant impact of AI on business and society. However, he highlights the challenges of evaluating specialist AI companies, due to their still uncertain future potential. He notes that companies such as Open AI, Mistral and NVIDIA have achieved impressive valuations and questions the remaining value to be unlocked in the sector.

Beyond AI, EQT is looking at a variety of sectors, seeking to capitalise on long-term megatrends such as digitalisation, sustainability and an ageing population. Sinding mentioned specific areas such as agritech and robotics, where EQT is investing in promising companies, including One X in the field of humanoid robots.

The CEO admitted that Europe is lagging behind US technology, mainly due to market fragmentation, difficulties in accessing capital and regulatory disparities. However, he highlighted the EU's efforts to boost the competitiveness of Europe's technology sector.

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