Francis Dufay, CEO of Jumia, talks about the company's recent successes and plans for expansion in Africa. After a period of restructuring, the Group enjoyed positive momentum in the first quarter, despite currency headwinds, with optimised management and growth in key indicators. Africa, with its large and underserved demand, is a key market for Jumia, which is working to improve its supply and logistics chains.

The company is aiming to increase its customer base, which remains small in relation to the scale of the continent, by offering a broader range of products to capture a large share of the market. It is also adapting to the purchasing power of African consumers by offering affordable products. Despite the macroeconomic challenges of the last two years, Dufay is confident in the resilience of its business model and Jumia's ability to adapt to the specificities of the African market.

Finally, Dufay sees a promising future, anticipating exponential growth in demand in Africa and positioning the company as a key e-commerce player on the continent.

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