In 2021, 96.6% of the enterprises and 44.5% of persons employed use a computer with access to the Internet for business purposes. In the same year, 62.0% of enterprises report having their own website or the website of the economic group to which they belong (+0.5 p.p. than in 2020). The majority provide descriptions of their goods, price information, and links or references to the enterprise's social media profiles (80.9% and 57.0% of enterprises with websites, respectively). In 2021, 59.4% of enterprises use social media and almost all of these entreprises use social networks (97.9%).

The sales of goods and services through e-commerce represented 17.0% of total turnover in 2020, less 2.8 p.p. than in the previous year. This result was influenced by the reductions observed in accommodation and transport services and by the reduction in business-to-business transactions, reflecting the contraction of economic activity as a result of the pandemic.

About 34.7% of the enterprises buy cloud computing services to use over the internet (+5.7 p.p. compared to 2020), with emphasis on the email service and storage of files (88.7% and 70.5% of these enterprises, respectively).

Nearly 1/4 of the enterprises (23.4%) use interconnected devices or systems that can be monitored or remotely controlled via the internet (Internet of Things - IoT), an increase of 10.4 p.p. compared to 2020.

Nearly 1/5 of the enterprises (17.3%) use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, with the most widely used being those that perform analysis of written language, identify objects or persons based on images and that automate different workflows or assist in decision making.

In 2020, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, 21.3% of the enterprises have started or increased efforts to sell goods or services over the internet and 24.0% have increased investment in ICT.


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