Location: London

More than 250 items are on display

including Cinderella's glass slipper

the carousel horse from 'Mary Poppins'

and Mickey Mouse sketches

[Becky Cline, Director, Walt Disney Archives]

"So there's ten galleries in this exhibition, begins with an introductory, you know, this is who Walt Disney was and this is his early years coming all the way up to what's going on and what we're going to see in the future of Disney in the next hundred years. And so in between, there's, between those two points, there's there's nine galleries that tell you about Walt's philosophies, how he made films, and, and how we followed in his footsteps ever since."

The exhibition features newer Disney items

from Marvel, Pixar, and the Star Wars franchise

[Eric Goldberg, Animator and director]

"You know, most people's first experience of being in a movie theatre is usually a Disney movie and that connects us all in, in a huge, huge way. And also, animation has a shelf life. You know, Bambi doesn't wear, you know, fashions from the 1970s. So, you know, it doesn't date that way. You know, and these characters can remain true and universal for decades."