STORY: London is getting set for its Taylor Swift era.

The U.S. music star kicks off several shows from her billion-dollar "Eras" tour in the British capital on Friday.

She performs at Wembley Stadium this weekend and again in August.

It's one of the largest venues on her tour.

Nearly 700,000 people are expected to take the show in.

A number of Swift's songs reference London, and she used to date a British actor.

The city has launched a "Taylor Trail" to celebrate the places referenced in her work.

Take for instance, Camden Market.

Or this kebab shop, which is featured in the music video for her song, "End Game."

This pub is, too.

"I've never seen her live..."

Nineteen-year-old Katie Su has tickets to see the show five times.

She's the president of the Taylor Swift Society at the University of the Arts London.

"'s a good hobby, it doesn't hurt anyone, it's fun and people bond and we build a community around it so I feel like it's quite fun, even though it might be insane at times."

:: Transport for London

Even the famous London Tube map has been re-fashioned in Swift's honor - a so-called "Taylor's Version" - with song titles replacing the name of stops.

An estimate from the mayor's office suggests the tour could boost London's economy by nearly $380 million.

Although that's likely an overstatement - and assumes almost none of the concert-goers are actually from the capital.

Still, aside from spending on tickets and travel, 'Swifties' like Jake Martin Rosas also splash out on glittery outfits depicting the different musical eras of Swift's work.

"Two months for this outfit. I bought it online, made friendship bracelets and you can see my earrings as well, 'Reputation' (album by Artist Taylor Swift). The eye makeup, hair, preparation is much fun to do, yeah."

Swift's tour has helped local economics since its U.S. start last year...

Although economists are generally skeptical that concert tours or big sporting events give more than a small boost to a country's economy.