In a fiery interview Wednesday at a New York Times event he cursed at firms who quit social network X over antisemitic content.

He told such brands to go f... themselves.

And he appeared to single out Disney chief Bob Iger as one target.

The company was among those to pull all ads on X after Musk posted in support of a user who repeated an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Speaking earlier at the same event, Iger said that association with X "was not a positive one for us".

Other firms including Warner Bros Discovery and Comcast have also withdrawn marketing.

On Wednesday, Musk bristled at suggestions that he was antisemitic, but did offer a note of contrition.

He described his post as the worst he had made in a long history of foolish Tweets.

But one marketing consultant said his new tirade would be the "closing chapter" for brands doing business with X.

Musk does not appear deterred.

He says that if X fails because of an advertiser boycott, then so be it.

"Let the chips fall where they may", he said Wednesday.

X is, however, suing the Media Matters organization, which has claimed that ads on the network are appearing next to content promoting Nazism.