LAS VEGAS, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NSUR Inc., a health and wellness-focused network and loyalty rewarding platform, announced the launch of NSUR Coin, the first and only deflationary, high-utility crypto token backed by a purchase price protection program. NSUR Coin allows users to buy real-world products with true value while the NSUR Value Protection Program provides shelter amidst the volatility of the crypto market.

NSUR Coin is built on Binance and will be minted with 200 billion tokens. Up to 35% of NSUR Coin's supply will be available for purchase directly from NSUR's website ( during the Launch Event, which runs through November. NSUR will accept cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and wires. 

"Our mission when launching NSUR's platform is to make cryptographic tokens transparent and secure by lowering the barrier to entry and offering the "cryptocurious" a way to get into the market safely," says Mark Peters, CEO and co-founder of NSUR Inc.

Interested parties are encouraged to purchase NSUR Coin during the Launch Event, as the purchase value of their tokens will be protected against loss of value for two years, thanks to the proprietary NSUR Value Protection Program.

Mark continued, "Our Value Protection Program sets us apart from anything else currently out there. It protects token holders from loss of purchase value for two years, differentiating NSUR Coin from all other tokens."

This protection is exclusively available from NSUR. The company plans to offer additional protected token sales events every 3-6 months. After the launch event, NSUR Coin will be on the decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap; tokens purchased outside of NSUR's website will not be protected.

Many tokens have launched without utility, but NSUR Coin goes against this trend by offering real-world value.

Rosemary Peters, COO and co-founder of NSUR Inc, emphasized: "We want to remove confusion that comes with getting into crypto. By offering real-world goods and services through the NSUR platform, we're giving newer users a secure and tangible experience." NSUR Coin can be used to buy from the NSUR Merchant Network (debuting Dec. 1), currently consisting of 10 retailers with more being onboarded.

Four aspects of NSUR Coin's Tokenomics make it noteworthy:

  • NSUR Coin is a deflationary token, thus supply will decrease as transactions occur
  • NSUR Coin is a protected token by NSUR's Value Protection Program
  • NSUR Coin is rewarding.
  • NSUR Coin's time-locked liquidity pool will be replenished with every transaction

NSUR Coin is also a highly rewarding token thanks to NSUR's Loyalty Reward Program. In addition to buying tokens, community members can earn reward tokens through several options including growing the community, gaming, taking surveys and other transactions in the market. Users who sign up during the Launch Event will earn 2,500 NSUR as a Welcome Reward.


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