Bitcoin Funds Pull In Money at Record Pace 

BlackRock's bitcoin ETF is fastest ever to reach $10 billion in assets.

Chinese Stock Exchanges Hold Compliance Training for Quant Firms 

Chinese stock exchanges have held a compliance training session for quant firms as part of ongoing efforts to curb volatility and boost investor confidence in domestic equities markets.

Nine largest U.S. banks can handle their 'problematic' exposure to office real estate, S&P says 

While those banks face headwinds, they're large enough to absorb any potential impact, analysts say

Judge Strikes Down Law Requiring Corporate-Ownership Disclosure 

An Alabama federal judge ruled the Corporate Transparency Act, a sweeping bipartisan anti-money-laundering law passed in 2021, was unconstitutional, leaving its future uncertain.

NYCB's stock continues its slide despite analyst's vote of confidence 

As interest rates remain high, the bank's exposure to multifamily housing is weighing on the minds of analysts.

Traders Are Betting More Aggressively Ahead of Economic Data 

Many bond traders now feel they know which way the central bank and the economy are headed, along with how new data will shift markets.

Is Your 401(k) Destroying Capitalism? 

Target-date funds and other passive investments are attracting the ire of some fund managers. Is there a better mousetrap?

Nvidia's Surge Stokes Talk of a Bubble 

The chip maker's meteoric advance has helped push the stock market to record highs. It also has some on Wall Street saying the "B word."

Financial Services Roundup: Market Talk 

Gain insight on Gigapower, private-credit loans, Hipgnosis Songs and more in the latest Market Talks covering Financial Services.

Step Aside, ESG. BlackRock Is Doing 'Transition Investing' Now. 

The world's biggest asset manager has abandoned the acronym while pumping billions of dollars into clean energy.

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