Stocks Mixed After 40000 Milestone 

Stocks were mixed after major U.S. markets pulled back from their record highs on Thursday.

Fed's Powell tests positive for COVID-19 for second time 

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell contracted COVID-19 for the second time and is working from home while he recovers, the Fed said Friday.

Leading index for U.S. economy sinks again and points to slower growth 

The leading indicators for the U.S. economy fell in April for the second month in a row and pointed to "serious headwinds to growth."

China Is Finally Getting Serious About a Housing Rescue 

Beijing has announced a plan to clear the backlog of unsold homes, but questions remain over the scale and financing of the program.

Private Equity Warms Up to Clean-Energy Tax Credits 

Private-equity firms are beginning to tap a nascent market for clean-energy tax credits, betting on a boost to returns from helping project developers get better terms for the tradable credits.

Investors Are Striking Gold All Over 

Investors have rarely had it this good, with prices of everything from homes to stocks and cryptocurrencies soaring.

The Medicare Bubble Has Burst 

The government health insurance program had been a gold mine for private insurers until recently.

PIGS Are Flying Again. Can they Stay Aloft? 

Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are now doing better than Germany and France, in a surprising reversal of post-2011 fortunes in the eurozone. But much of it might be catch-up growth.

Grant's Take: Retail Sales Don't Point to Rate Cut Just Yet 

Walmart earnings give a different signal than what the latest Commerce Department data delivered.

China Consumption and Investment Slow Unexpectedly 

China's consumption and investment slowed in April, while industrial output beat expectations as Beijing doubled down on its manufacturing drive to spur growth.

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05-17-24 1515ET