Soaring Treasury Yields Challenge Stock-Market Gains 

New signs of lingering inflation have driven yields to the highest levels of the year.

Forget Moonshots. Investors Want Profit Now. 

CEOs might resist the new investor mantra of Show Me the Money-but if they do, their share price is likely to suffer.

Week Ahead for FX, Bonds: Focus on Fed Decision, U.S. Jobs Data and Weak Yen 

The Fed's monetary policy decision on Wednesday is likely to take center stage. Inflation figures will be watched from the eurozone and Asia.

Even If the Fed Cuts, the Days of Ultralow Rates Are Over 

Soaring budget deficits and investment needs mean the "neutral" interest rate may be higher.

How Venture Capital Became Less Lucrative 

An asset class that once yielded nearly 35% sank to roughly a 6% yield.

Investors to Big Tech: Mind Your Pocketbook 

Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla have a combined $275 billion cash pile.

How Insurers Game Out Disaster Risk and Drop Customers 

Companies are trying to cut their exposure, but their methods can be flawed.

Investors Cheer AI Spending Boom in Big Tech-Just Not at Meta 

Meta had its worst trading day in 18 months after warning of years of AI investment. Shares of Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet rallied.

Regulators Seize Troubled Philadelphia Bank, Republic First 

The bank had some of the same problems as the ones that failed in 2023.

Consumer sentiment weakens in late April, University of Michigan survey says 

Consumer sentiment deteriorated near the end of April, according to the latest reading from the University of Michigan.

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04-28-24 2115ET