Stocks Extend Slump, Treasury Yields Climb 

Hot monthly retail sales and Middle East tensions weigh on indexes, with the S&P 500 falling 1.2%.

China's First-Quarter Growth Beats Market Expectations 

Manufacturing races ahead of consumption as Beijing seeks growth in exports.

Market Reaction to Iran Attack Tells Us Stocks Aren't in a Bubble 

The swings on Friday and Monday put to bed for now concerns that a bubble has been forming.

Wall Street Is Betting OPEC+ Can Fend Off $100 Oil 

Traders expect spare capacity will cap crude prices despite the conflict in the Middle East.

Corporate Canada Braces for Higher Taxes in Tuesday's Budget Plan 

The business groups and economists worry that higher taxes could pose another hurdle to the country's lackluster business investment.

Here's What Higher for Longer Means for the Stock Market 

Stocks are still trading near record levels, but some investors say further gains may be more difficult to come by.

Gold scores another record high as market awaits Israel response to Iran attack 

Gold futures eke out a gain on Monday to notch a fresh record-high settlement as traders awaited Israel's response after Iran's attack over the weekend.

Retail sales rose sharply in the first quarter - and could boost U.S. GDP 

Sales at retailers rose a robust 0.7% in March and outlays in February were also stronger than initially reported, indicating the economy got a decent boost from consumer spending in the first quarter.

Trucking Oversupply Is Weighing on Carriers' Earnings Outlooks 

A push by retailers and manufacturers to cut shipping costs is sending trucking industry hopes of an earnings rebound into a skid.

Certain Biotech Investors Get an Early Look at Results. Is That Fair? 

Private investments in public equities, or PIPEs, are all the rage in biotech, but some investors resent the sharing of nonpublic information.

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