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Stocks in the Nordic region fell Monday, with the OMX Nordic 40 Index holding steady at 2,930.08.

Autostore Holdings Ltd. posted the largest decline among large stocks during the session, falling 6.0%, followed by Sweco AB Series A shares, which dropped 4.8%. Shares of Embracer Group AB Series B fell 4.0%.

Clas Ohlson AB Series B was the biggest leader, increasing 4.3%, and NEL ASA rose 4.2%. Seadrill Ltd. rounded out the top three leaders on Monday, with shares rising 3.9%.

In Denmark, the OMX Copenhagen 20 Index rose 0.1%, while the OMX Helsinki 25 Index, which tracks Finland's most-traded stocks, declined 0.3%.

Stocks on Sweden's OMX Stockholm 30 Index declined 0.9%, while Norway's Oslo Exchange Benchmark Index_GI fell 0.3%. Shares in Iceland increased, with the OMX Iceland All-Share PI Equity Index rising 0.1%.

Elsewhere in Europe, indexes fell, with the STOXX Europe 600 Index falling 0.3% and the FTSE 100 Index falling 0.2% from the previous close.

In Asia, Japan's NIKKEI 225 Index was up 0.9% and China's Shanghai Stock Exchange was closed.

In commodities news, Brent crude oil futures were up 2.2%, while gold futures were down 0.1%. Bitcoin climbed 0.4% to $69,965.

On the currency front, the WSJ Dollar Index rose 0.2% to 99.89.

Against the euro, the Norwegian krone was up 0.9%, the Swedish krona was up 0.8%, the U.S. dollar was up 0.6%, the Icelandic krona was up 0.1%, and the Danish krone was flat.

Against the U.S. dollar, the Norwegian krone was up 0.4%, the Swedish krona was up 0.4%, the Danish krone was down 0.4%, the Icelandic krona was down 0.5%, and the euro was down 0.6%.

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