PolitiChatter Subscribers Top 500,000; Fastest Growing Social Media Site in the United States

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – PolitiChatter Inc. (https://politichatter.com/), a user-owned social media platform dedicated to the promotion of uncensored free speech, announced today that it has acquired Mumblit, a social media company formed in response to the arbitrary censorship policies of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As part of the acquisition, Nick Szankovic, founder of Mumblit, will join PolitiChatter as the Director of IT.

“Mumblit was an early leader in creating an alternative political social media platform, and its business model is compatible with PolitiChatter,” said Kevin Jackson, President of PolitiChatter. “The acquisition is immediately accretive to our bottom line. Moving forward we plan to carefully evaluate potential strategic acquisition opportunities in the social media space, as well as potential technology partners.”

Jackson continued, “It will take ingenuity and a solid plan to compete in the current Big Tech environment, and PolitiChatter intends to lead the charge. The non-Leftist led social media space is already crowded, so we are eager to find common ground and combine forces. To compete for free speech, all Americans must unite against cancel culture and the tactics used by Facebook and Twitter and others to silence certain segments of society.”

He continued, “PolitiChatter offers a viable alternative to politically-driven agendas of Facebook and Twitter. Further, Congress will be forced to reconsider its treatment of social media companies now that a new option exists that does not violate the constitutional rights of Americans, in particular the First Amendment.”

Nick Szankovic, founder of Mumblit, commented, “PolitiChatter already has created a powerful platform and expanded its audience under the leadership of Kevin Jackson, a well-known media expert.  I recognized the immediate synergies of the two companies because we share the same mission:  to create a forum for people to voice their opinions without being banned or cancelled and fighting back against the censorship of the big-tech companies who are a threat to the liberty of all citizens. I am honored to join the PolitiChatter team.”

Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

About PolitiChatter

PolitiChatter is a unique, user-owned social media platform dedicated to the promotion of uncensored free speech. Its subscribers have the ability to become equity owners by upgrading their memberships directly online. As PolitiChatter grows, so does each members’ equity investment in the company. Our primary purpose is to provide an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t censor political opinion on either side, be it left or right. We welcome and encourage all sides of political discourse. “Political Correctness” is neither required nor desired within our social community. We strive to offer a social network that provides politically disenfranchised Facebook and Twitter users a censorship-free space for thoughtful interaction.

About Mumblit

Mumblit is a social media company established in 2016 in response to the arbitrary censorship policies of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Michael Mason