Austin, TX, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zoho Corporation announced today that its enterprise customer Rain for Rent has realized an ROI increase of 610 percent following 2.4 months of using Zoho One. Based on data in a case study by Nucleus Research, Rain for Rent has seen immediate improvements in its annual sales productivity by $750,000 and significant savings on labor and software expenses as a result of deploying Zoho CRM. It also enabled the company to retire existing legacy applications. 

Family-owned and operated since 1934, Rain for Rent is a leading provider of liquid handling solutions with 65 offices throughout the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Until they started using Zoho CRM, the company was facing siloed data and systems that were not scalable, difficult to use, and overly customized, leading to low employee adoption and frequent tech problems.

In 2017, the company determined it needed a better-suited CRM to reduce inefficiencies due to over-customization of their previous CRM, improve data management, and increase mobile capabilities for their sales team. Rain for Rent conducted extensive research, outlining company goals as well as existing issues, and initiated a phased deployment of Zoho CRM. The platform cut the time Rain for Rent's sales teams spent searching for data nearly in half (45%), increasing sales productivity by $750,000 annually. Based on the success of this deployment and the growing company's need for an integrated platform touching its other business areas, Rain for Rent moved its business onto Zoho One in December, 2020. 

Less than three months after deploying Zoho One, with a heavy use of Zoho CRM, Rain for Rent achieved an astounding 610 percent ROI through the modernization of the company's analytics, reporting, and sales capabilities, among others. 

Key benefits from deploying Zoho One and Zoho CRM include:  

  • Annual savings: Rain for Rent has saved $408,000 annually by eliminating inefficient legacy software and hardware. Redeployment of existing staff created additional savings of approximately $140,000 per year, cutting labor costs 6%.
  • Increased sales: Zoho CRM reduced the time Rain for Rent's sales teams searched for data by 45 percent, and increased the company's average invoice by 3.7 percent annually.
  • Improved employee productivity: Zoho One automates multiple aspects for a business by eliminating time-intensive, repetitive tasks, and reducing ad-hoc reporting with easy to create standardized reports.

"Rain for Rent had been using overly customized software to manage sales-related activities, including contacts, leads, and opportunities," said Barbara Peck, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research. "What the company found in both Zoho CRM and Zoho One was a more flexible and intuitive user interface, including a centralized account and contact information management system with automated lead distribution and activity tracking. Ultimately, Rain for Rent was able to achieve improved employee and sales production with significant annual cost savings."

"Initially, we were using Microsoft Dynamics and due to over-customization and related issues, it did not fit our needs so we decided to look for a platform that was powerful and comprehensive enough to allow us to scale, but one that was not so complex that our sales representatives wouldn't or couldn't use it," said Julie Doris, Director of Sales Operations for Rain for Rent. "We did not enter this decision lightly, and after careful consideration we began a phased deployment of Zoho CRM, resulting in immediate efficiency and adoption gains. Since our annual sales productivity increased so drastically, we took the obvious next step of adopting Zoho One which has, in turn, allowed us to grow into new markets and as an overall company."

The full case study, completed by Barbara Peck of Nucleus Research, is located on the Zoho website here.

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