Sawtooth Caverns, LLC (“Sawtooth” or “Company”) announced today that it has completed an expansion allowing it to receive, store and return refined products by truck. The conversion of a salt cavern to refined products storage, along with the construction of new truck rack infrastructure is a milestone achievement for the Company. The new rack offers fully automated truck bays with high speed offloading into its salt caverns and reloading of trucks from the same bays. Sawtooth is located in Delta UT, which is 130 miles south of Salt Lake City UT, and 320 miles north of Las Vegas NV, which puts it in the ideal position to provide storage services for both markets by truck.

“Sawtooth’s new capabilities allow us to enter a completely new space,” said Dan Myers, CEO. “This is the first step in transforming our terminal from the largest NGL storage facility in the West to the Western Energy Hub of the U.S. Many people don’t realize that the oxygen-free environment of salt caverns allows for long-term storage of gasoline without the chemical decomposition of the product that’s experienced in above-ground tanks. In Europe, gasoline has been stored for up to a decade in salt caverns. Without the requirement to completely rotate the gasoline every few months, this will create opportunities for refiners, wholesalers and traders that have not previously existed in this part of the country.”

Sawtooth currently stores millions of barrels of NGLs and Refinery Feedstocks in its deep-well salt caverns. It’s Central Western location and direct access to Union Pacific rail, as well as the U.S. Highway system, allow it to support all PADD 4 and PADD 5 markets.

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