STORY: :: President Cyril Ramaphosa casts his vote in South Africa's election

:: Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa

"This is a great day for democracy in South Africa. It's a wonderful day as well, bright and sunny. And I've heard that voting has started throughout the country and it is going well."

:: May 29, 2024

:: Ramaphosa voiced concern over reported incidents of interference with electoral officials

:: Johannesburg, South Africa

"The work of the IEC is sacrosanct. It should never be interfered with. Because when you interfere with the work of the IEC, you are really interfering with our democracy."

Voters are electing nine provincial legislatures and a new national parliament, which will then choose the country's next president.

Opinion polls suggest Ramaphosa's ruling ANC will lose its parliamentary majority for the first time since it swept to power with Nelson Mandela as its leader three decades ago.