Syracuse, NY, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management recently announced partnerships with the Global Business School Network (GBSN) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Through these global networks, the Whitman School continues to enhance its global initiatives consistent with its strategic plan, including supporting international research and scholarship, developing relationships with other university units and international partners, and further internationalizing the student experience.

GBSN partners with business schools, industry, foundations and aid agencies to improve access to quality, locally relevant management education for the developing world. The Whitman School is actively looking for opportunities to participate in projects that best fit its areas of expertise, such as entrepreneurship, business analytics, innovation and sustainability.

“The Whitman School of Management is proud to be a new member of the Global Business School Network, joining many other highly-regarded institutions. In particular, we are excited to work alongside the business schools’ members to improve the access to quality management education for all, including the chance to advise and mentor regional educators in developing countries,” said Whitman Dean Eugene Anderson.

Whitman has many international students from developing countries who come to Syracuse to study and bring enhanced business knowledge and skills back to their home countries. The School has recently developed partnerships with the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad India and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, through which we seek to provide short-term training programs for the visiting student groups in addition to traditional student exchanges and collaborative academic programs. In addition, Whitman’s high priority on experiential learning will create more projects addressing business challenges in the developing world, such as the projects in Nairobi, Kenya in our “Managing in a Global Setting” course.

The Whitman School is looking for opportunities for sharing expertise among the member institutions for faculty and student exchanges, as well as for the development of global business education and thought leadership. Its hope is also to engage in opportunities that would involve the other schools at Syracuse University based on the nature of the programs and areas of knowledge needed.

In addition to the opportunities for Whitman to share best practices of management education with GBSN global partners, GBSN also provides development tools for our faculty (workshops, webinars, learning communities) students (competitions, company projects, simulations, and Global Treks) and administrators (learning, development and leadership programs). To find out more:

EFMD is dedicated to management development and is recognized globally as an accreditation body for business schools, business school programs and corporate universities. As member of EFMD the Whitman School will gain mutual learning opportunities and collaboration with other academic and corporate members of EFMD, in order to further strengthen the impact and relevance of education and research at Whitman and to become an integral part of collective thought leadership and new frontier pioneering of EFMD in today’s dynamic and globalized business world.

“With our strategic focus on A.G.I.L.E. (analytics; global; innovation; leadership; entrepreneurship) and a broad portfolio of global education programs, Whitman is looking forward to becoming an active contributor to EFMD, through information sharing, agenda and priority setting, and partnership development in research, industry collaboration, and experiential learning opportunities with other members,” said Associate Dean for Global Initiatives Eunkyu Lee.

Global education is a high strategic priority at the Whitman School. About two-thirds of Whitman’s undergraduate students obtain significant study abroad experiences before graduation, and a high proportion of our online master’s students participate in overseas residency programs and intensive courses. Whitman is a central player in the campus-wide interdisciplinary clusters of Syracuse University, built around the themes of analytics, global, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Keith Kobland
Syracuse University