Cognition AI is bursting onto the technology scene with Devin, its artificial intelligence agent billed as the first AI software engineer. CEO Scott Wu expressed his excitement at their recent visibility, thanks to millions of views for the demo video and a pervasive media presence.

The video in question

Devin has been designed to meet a variety of use cases, particularly in the video game sector, where delays in creation can lead to frustration among fans. Cognition AI's customers use Devin for a variety of tasks, including full-stack development, data analysis, code migration and the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The company recently raised $21 million to expand and recruit new talent. It has confirmed that it has completed a further $175 million funding round, taking its valuation to $2 billion. These funds should enable Cognition AI to accelerate its development and position itself as a promising player in the field of artificial intelligence applied to software engineering.

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