But Wednesday saw Toshiba shares delisted following a buyout by investors.

That came after a decade of upheaval and scandal that brought chaos to one of Japan's biggest brands.

It's now owned by a group led by private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners.

Other members include financial services firm Orix and chipmaker Rohm.

The $14 billion takeover puts Toshiba back in Japanese hands after years of battles with overseas activist investors.

That had paralysed the giant conglomerate, which makes everything from batteries to robots and nuclear power stations.

Now it's very unclear what shape the firm will take under its new owners.

But analysts bet Chief Executive Taro Shimada, who is staying on, will focus on high-margin digital services.

Toshiba is widely expected to start divesting some assets.

It's also teamed up with Rohm to invest billions in new chip production capabilities.

One Toshiba-watcher said the firm could have a bright future, if it got rid of its low-margin units, and freed up its engineers to innovate.