STORY: Two Japanese navy helicopters crashed into the sea during a training exercise.

That's according to Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara on Sunday (April 21).

He added that at least one of the eight crew members on board was killed.

"The flight recorders of both aircrafts were found and recovered in close proximity to one another. On this basis, we will investigate the cause of the crash including the possibility that the two aircrafts collided."

The two SH-60 patrol helicopters were conducting anti-submarine exercises on Saturday night near Torishima in the remote Izu island group, off the southern coast of central Japan.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force or MSDF and Coast Guard are searching for the remaining seven crew members.

Earlier on Saturday, MSDF Chief of Staff Yoshitaka Sakai indicated he did not believe there was involvement from another country in the crash.

In a post on X, U.S. ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel offered his country's assistance in search and rescue efforts.