UAE AI Minister Omar Al Olama says the country's AI ambitions have been visible since 2017. Advances in software, hardware and investment show that these ambitions are being realised. The AI Retreat event focuses on Dubai, which is taking a quality of life approach, speed to market for AI and a talent-centric ecosystem. Dubai has the highest number of unicorns and AI companies, reinforcing its ambitions in semiconductors.

The Minister expresses greater ambition in the production of advanced semiconductor chips compared to other countries such as Saudi Arabia, which starts with more basic chips. He sees potential for cooperation with Saudi Arabia, and stresses that the Emirates' main objective is always to aim for the top spot in all sectors. As a major strategic partner to the east and west, and one of the largest trading partners of many countries, the Emirates aspire to become a preferred partner for semiconductor production.

The Minister said that the Emirates aims to produce advanced semiconductor chips, unlike other countries such as Saudi Arabia, which starts with more basic chips. He stresses that the Emirates' objective is to be number one in all sectors. The Emirates are a strategic partner to the East and West and a major trading partner for many countries.

The Minister is closely following global developments, such as the announcement of a partnership between Apple and OpenAI. The Emirates also have a partnership with OpenAI and see these developments as a validation of their strategic choices. The Minister believes that these partnerships position the Emirates to become a leader in artificial intelligence.

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