(Reuters) - PJM Interconnection, the biggest U.S. power grid operator said on Friday that it is ready to meet anticipated electricity demand during a predicted heat wave.

Temperatures are expected to soar for the next ten days across the PJM region, the operator noted in its press release.

"While PJM has sufficient generation and transmission capacity to meet demand during the heat wave, extended periods of extreme heat can potentially stress the system," said Kevin Hatch, PJM's Senior Manager of Dispatch.

PJM issued a hot weather alert for June 13th and 14th, initially and the alert was to encompass the entire PJM region from June 17th through 21st, with the potential for extension based on updated weather forecasts.

A hot weather alert is a standard PJM procedure used to ready transmission and generation facilities for increased electricity demand during hot weather events.

Meanwhile, the grid operator in May had said that it expected to meet this year's summer demand but generator retirements and increasing demand persistently erode reserve levels.

(Reporting by Rahul Paswan in Bengaluru)