Crude-oil prices slide as traders show muted reaction to Iranian attack on Israel 

Crude-oil prices retreated on Monday after an Iranian attack on Israel caused little damage, helping to diminish expectations about a broader conflict involving the two bitter rivals.

Big Oil Companies Warm to Biden After Years of Bad Blood 

Once a favorite foil of the White House, some U.S. oil executives have reached an unlikely truce with the president's lieutenants.

The Home-Solar Boom Gets a 'Gut Punch' 

The nation's biggest residential solar market is tanking and installations could decline 13% nationwide, despite a clean energy push.

Energy-Guzzling AI Is Also the Future of Energy Savings 

Data centers need more power because of artificial intelligence, but other buildings can use the technology to conserve.

Putin Told IAEA Russia Plans to Restart Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant 

The Ukrainian plant is currently under Russian occupation. It is perched on a front line, artillery passing overhead, and encircled by Russian land mines.

IEA Expects Global Oil-Demand Growth to Slow Further in 2025 

The International Energy Agency cut its forecast for oil-demand growth this year and said the pace of expansion is set to further decelerate in 2025 as the post-pandemic rebound runs its course and the electric-vehicle rollout weighs on consumption.

Plastic Is Everywhere. Now Big Oil Companies Are Producing Even More of It. 

With gasoline's days numbered, oil companies are sending huge amounts of their production to chemical plants for plastic. What it means for companies and the environment.

Elon Musk Bromance With Argentine President Leads to First Meeting 

After months of endorsing each other on X, Musk and Javier Milei look to build ties on lithium resources and the installation of Starlink in Argentina.

OPEC Sticks to Oil Demand View, Cuts Non-OPEC Supply Growth Forecast 

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries left its estimates for global oil-demand growth unchanged, but lowered its forecast for non-OPEC supply growth for this year and next.

Energy Inflation Is Back. How Much Should the Fed Care?

The Federal Reserve tries to look past volatile energy prices when analyzing inflation and setting interest rates. But the oil market these days is getting harder to ignore.

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