"Our North Star"

"Our North Star"


(Sultan al-Jaber, COP28 President)

"The oil and gas industry must align around our North Star of keeping 1.5 within reach."

"My job in this mission is to ensure my North Star continues to be where we stay laser-focused on our North Star and that is keeping 1.5 within reach."

(John Kerry, U.S. Climate Envoy)

"Our North Star, and you have heard it a number of times over here, is 1.5 degrees ."

(U.N. climate chief, Simon Stiell)

"Science-based targets much be our North Star, and economic policies much be the rocket that gets us there."

(Norwegian Foreign Minister, Espen Barth Eide)

"There is significant agreement by multiple parties on the importance of 1.5 (degrees) and science, our North Star as our president says."

(Sultan al-Jaber, COP28 President)

"In fact if anything you'll see my North Star more shining. Cause that's how much I care about keeping focus on my North Star."