The support of Ethereum: the announced objective is to extend the possibilities developed on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, to ensure the interoperability and scaling of the blockchain which is, for the moment, saturated. Polygon is called "Commit chain" of the Ethereum network, in other words, a blockchain that operates in parallel to the main network. Faced with the congestion of the main Ethereum network, the solutions provided by Polygon as a "second layer" allow to reduce costs and multiply the number of possible transactions.


Polygon's native token is the : MATIC. It is an ERC-20 standard token. It allows to pay transaction fees and to feed different products of the protocol. It works with the Proof-of-Stake. This protocol allows to process transactions much faster than the parent network, Ethereum, and to drastically reduce transaction fees. On the other hand, Polygon is completely dependent on Ethereum, in the sense that this second layer called "Polygon" supports the mother layer Ethereum. If one day Ethereum were to be fundamentally disrupted, there is a good chance that Polygon would be too.