Regulators Restart Bid to Curb Bonus Pay on Wall Street 

Incentive-compensation rules are required by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law but have yet to be put in place.

Fed's Goolsbee says progress on inflation has stalled, makes sense to wait on interest rates 

Chicago Fed president "hopeful" we will get improvement on inflation.

Banks Believe They Are Well-Prepared for Commercial Real Estate Fallout 

Banks have built up substantial reserves against office loans going bad.

American Express says cardholders are buying lots of 'front of cabin' plane tickets, as total spending grows 7% 

American Express saw an acceleration in new card acquisitions during the first quarter, and it recorded a profit beat for the period.

How Not to Invest in the Bond Market 

Investors poured billions into long-term U.S. government funds last year. Right on cue, the market tanked-again.

PwC Looks to Shrink New U.S. Consulting Partner Class by More Than 50% 

PricewaterhouseCoopers is looking to shrink its new class of U.S. consulting partners by more than 50% compared with last year as demand for advisory services continues to slow and the firm reorganizes its business lines.

Private-Fund Lobbyists Push Back on Expanding Money-Laundering Checks 

Industry says worries about dirty money flowing through private-equity and hedge funds are overblown.

A Century-Old Lending Lifeline for Troubled Banks Has a Major Flaw. The Fed Wants to Fix It. 

Borrowing from the discount window carries a stigma officials hope to reduce.

U.S. Stocks Have Outperformed Europe for Years. Why That May Change for a While. 

J.P. Morgan makes the bullish case for selected euro zone stocks, some pricey, some not. Plus, two very different cases where analysts stuck with calls that went bad.

Financial Services Roundup: Market Talk 

Gain insight on U.K. lenders, EQT, Challenger and more in the latest Market Talks covering Financial Services.

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