Stock Futures Slip, Oil Gyrates After Israel Strikes Iran 

The strikes jolted prices for stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, but the moves quickly abated as the limited scope of the assault became clear.

Banks Believe They Are Well-Prepared for Commercial Real Estate Fallout 

Banks have built up substantial reserves against office loans going bad.

China Hits U.S. With Levy on Chemical as Trade Tensions Rise 

China slapped a levy on imports from the U.S. of a widely used chemical, a small salvo in an escalating trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.

A Century-Old Lending Lifeline for Troubled Banks Has a Major Flaw. The Fed Wants to Fix It. 

Borrowing from the discount window carries a stigma officials hope to reduce.

America's Cigarette Market Is Up for Grabs 

Philip Morris will soon be able to sell its most successful smoke-free product in the U.S., setting up a battle with its former parent company Altria.

Netflix Dealt With the Freeloaders. Its Next Act Will Be Tougher. 

The decision to stop reporting subscriber numbers will put a greater focus on revenue growth-and advertising.

They Bet Against the Dollar. Now They're Paying the Price. 

The dollar recently hit a 34-year high against the yen, sending ripples through global markets.

U.S. Stocks Have Outperformed Europe for Years. Why That May Change for a While. 

J.P. Morgan makes the bullish case for selected euro-zone stocks, some pricey, some not. Plus, two very different cases where analysts stuck with calls that went bad.

Israel Strikes Iran in Narrow Attack Amid Escalation Fears 

Tehran lifts restrictions on Iran's airspace after canceling flights amid reports of explosions.

Japan Inflation Records Two Years Above BOJ's Target as Meeting Looms 

Japan's consumer inflation has stayed above the Bank of Japan's 2% target for two years, government data confirmed, amid speculation over further interest-rate increases.

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04-19-24 0915ET