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0.675 USD -0.18% Intraday chart for Australian Dollar / US Dollar (AUD/USD) +0.10% -0.90%
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Wall Street: steady rebound (+0.6%) despite disappointing PPI figures CF
Economics Watch: Rosenberg Research Says September, November and December Fed Meetings "All In Play" For a Rate Cut After Latest Inflation Data MT
Yen choppy on intervention jitters; Asia shares eye weekly gain RE
Australian dollar sails to six-month top as kiwi sinks RE
Nasdaq, S&P 500 Fall as Markets Parse CPI Data, Await Big Bank Earnings MT
Fed's Goolsbee: This is what the path to 2% inflation looks like RE
Desjardins FX Forecasts: On the CAD MT
Fed's Musalem says cooler CPI data is 'encouraging' RE
Fed's Daly says one or two rate cuts could be appropriate RE
Fed's Musalem says cooler CPI data is 'encouraging' RE
Wall Street: divergent scores despite inflation CF
US consumer prices unexpectedly fall in June RE
CAC 40: U.S. inflation, the big event of the day CF
Wall Street: 7th Nasdaq record and GAFAM at its zenith CF
Sterling hits four-month high; dollar falters ahead of US inflation test RE
Australian dollar flies high on kiwi, yen as rate outlooks diverge RE
Industrials Up Amid Deal Activity -- Industrials Roundup DJ
Fed's Powell: Will act 'when and as' needed, regardless of election RE
Currencies: FOREX stagnates for 4 days, Yen weakens CF
CAC40: rises towards 7,560, 7th consecutive S&P/Nasdaq record CF
Gold Moves Higher as the Dollar Drops After the Fed's Powell Offers Little Detail on Interest-Rate Cuts MT
North American Morning Briefing : Powell's Second Day of Remarks Awaited DJ
Wall Street: two new records, more declines CF
Rate cut prospects could bolster US stocks as investors await earnings, elections RE
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