According to estimates, Rio Grande do Sul will produce 68% more soybeans this season than last, helping to keep a lid on prices in the world's largest producer and exporter of the crop.

This season, Brazil will produce an estimated 146.5 million tons of soybeans, according to national crop agency Conab, which had forecast 162 million tons in October, before the strong El Nino ravaged fields in center-west Brazil including the top-producing state of Mato Grosso.

Last year, Cotrijal received about half of the soybeans it had forecast after a drought ruined yields.

This season's bumper crop means Cotrijal will receive an estimated 1.3 million tons of soybeans, up from 900,000 tons in 2023.

Here's Cotrijal President Nei Manica:

"Every year we invest to expand storage, but there remains a lack of space and we have to look for space within the industry and partners. And that is a good problem."

This year's harvest marks a dramatic comeback after two straight years of drought in southern Brazil and neighboring Argentina.