STORY: :: Pro-Palestinian protesters say the International Court of Justice's ruling is 'not enough'

:: after the UN's top court ordered Israel to immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah

:: The Hague, Netherlands

:: May 24, 2024

:: ML Hagui, Protester

"Today's hearing is good, but it's not enough, it's not enough. We are looking for a free Palestine without any problems, and you see that more than 15,000 children have died. What do you want more? Only a free Palestine, also a free two-state solution is enough."??

:: Eman Khasawneh, Protester

"Yes, we appreciate the halt in Rafah operations, but that's not merely enough. That's signaling to us that the rest of Gaza is fair game, and that's absolutely not OK. We demand a ceasefire."??

Judges at the top United Nations court ordered Israel on Friday to immediately halt its military assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, in a landmark emergency ruling in South Africa's case accusing Israel of genocide.

The court also ordered Israel to open the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza to allow in humanitarian aid, and said it must provide access to the besieged enclave for investigators and report back on its progress within one month.

Israel has repeatedly dismissed the case's accusations of genocide as baseless, arguing in court that its operations in Gaza are self-defense and targeted at Hamas militants who attacked Israel on Oct. 7.