STORY: :: Palestinians are fleeing again as Israeli tanks advance in Rafah

:: Al-Mawasi, Gaza

:: June 13, 2024

:: Sami, Displaced Palestinian

"We have been displaced for nine months. We were in the city of Rafah for eight months, a month and a half later we've been displaced - we can't anymore. May God protect the people of the north too, it's the same story - people's situation is terrible. Every day they tell you 'tomorrow there are negotiations, tomorrow there are negotiations' - solve this for us. I eat sand every day, I am sleeping on sand. People are not eating, there is nothing to encourage you to live. It's sinful. The world outside needs to see our situation and the situation of the Muslims - every day negotiations, everyday negotiations, who are you lying to? Solve this for us. We are emotionally tired. They tell you to leave this place and go to the city of Khan Younis, from the city of Khan Younis to Rafah - we feel like we are like toys."

Israeli tanks advanced deeper into the western area of Rafah, amid one of the worst nights of bombardment from air, ground, and sea, forcing many families to flee their homes and tents under darkness, residents said on Thursday.

The Israeli military denied in a statement it had launched any strikes inside the Al-Mawasi humanitarian zone.

Israel said its assault aimed to wipe out Hamas' last intact combat units in Rafah, a city which had sheltered more than a million people before the latest advance began. Most of those people have now moved north towards Khan Younis and Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza Strip.