STORY: With less than six months to go before the presidential election, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that Democrats are deeply divided over President Joe Biden's response to the war in Gaza and the college campus protests against it.

Reuters politics data reporter Jason Lange says it's no small concern for Biden, as he prepares for a close rematch with his Republican rival Donald Trump.

"Well, 44% of registered Democrats in the poll disapprove of Biden's handling or his response to the crisis in Gaza and to Israel's war on Hamas. And that's bad for him because he really can't afford to lose anyone in November. The polls show it could be a really tight race, as it was in 2020. And when you look at the details of the poll, a higher share of those who disapprove of Biden's handling of the crisis are looking at other options. That could be RFK or they might even stay home. And any of that would be bad for Biden's chances in November."

Biden has faced heavy criticism from some Democrats for continuing to provide arms to Israel. Though Biden said last week that he would delay a shipment of bombs over concerns they might be used for a major invasion of Rafah.

Meanwhile, widespread campus protests here in the U.S. have undermined Biden's 2020 campaign pledge of a return to stability after Trump's chaotic four years in office.

"Well, in terms of the protests, Democrats are also very divided. About 4 in 10 support the protests and about 4 in 10 oppose them. And this is the sort of rift that is really dangerous for Biden. It's the sort of division that Trump appears to be seeking to capitalize on with his pitch to voters that the country is in chaos under Biden."

Overall, just 34% of registered voters approve of Biden's response to the war in Gaza. That includes 53% of Democrats, 31% of independents and 22% of Republicans.