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Delayed 12:39:43 2024-06-20 am EDT 5-day change 1st Jan Change
169.9 JPY +0.08% Intraday chart for Euro / Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY) +0.20% +9.18%
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Dollar struggles for direction, sterling rises after data RE
JGB yields fall following report hinting at less long-term debt issuance RE
Dollar steadies, sterling eases ahead of inflation data RE
Asia stocks boosted by tech rally, Fed rate cut wagers RE
Japan lays groundwork to sell shorter debt as BOJ eyes rate hike RE
Japan's Nikkei edges up as tech shares get Nvidia bump RE
BOJ Considers Rate Increase and Scales Back Bond Buying MT
Japan May exports rise on boost from weak yen RE
BOJ debated weak yen impact on inflation, April minutes show RE
DIARY-Top Economic Events to August 26 RE
Japan manufacturers less confident as high material costs bite RE
The dollar, Treasuries, and 'US exceptionalism': McGeever RE
US Dollar Rises Early Tuesday Ahead of Busy Data Schedule, Fed Appearances MT
US Dollar Rises in Europe as Bonds Soften, Risk Assets Turn Higher MT
BOJ index shows more Japan firms passing on wage costs in services prices RE
Dollar eases against euro as European political jitters subside RE
Selling EUR/JPY an Attractive Risk Before France Polls, Says BNP Paribas MT
Shares muted, dollar firm as European political turmoil saps market mood RE
Dollar stays strong, political uncertainty saps euro RE
SNB to cut rates 25 bps to 1.25% on June 20, possibly again in Sept RE
Election concerns in France give euro worst week in two months RE
FTSE 100 ends week lower as Paris slumps again AN
Week Ahead for FX, Bonds : Rate Decisions Due in -2- DJ
Election concerns in France give euro worst week in two months  RE
Investors need more time to assess Fed comments Our Logo
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