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7.201 CNH +0.01% Intraday chart for United States Dollar (B) / Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong (USD/CNH) -0.20% +1.13%
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China 21st Century Education Sets Date for Shareholder Vote on Infrastructure Plan MT
Tianjin Tianbao Energy’s Profit Forecasts 97% Decline in 2023 MT
Maoyan Entertainment Expects to Boost 2023 Profit By Up to 787% MT
Genvict Technologies Receives 2.1 Million Yuan Government Subsidy for Internet Project MT
Zhongyuan Expressway's January Toll Fee Revenue Amounts to 402.1 Million Yuan MT
China Hainan Rubber Industry Gets Resettlement Subsidy of 437,268 yuan MT
Shaanxi Heimao Sets Up New Subsidiary MT
Three Gorges Water Conservancy Plans Issuing Bonds of Up to 4 Billion Yuan MT
Anyuan Coal Industry Resumes Operations of Shangzhuang Coal Mine MT
Consortium With Wuxi Taiji Industry's Unit Bags Production Line Construction Project for 2.50 Billion Yuan MT
Consortium With Shenzhen Fountain's Unit Inks 335.2 Million Yuan Landfill Restoration Project MT
Russian rouble steadies, buffeted by sanctions headwinds before long weekend RE
Shanghai nickel hits 3-week high amid supply concerns RE
Toughened Quant Trading Rule Brings Extended Gains to Chinese Shares; Lopal Tech, Jiayou International Logistics Close Around 5% MT
Brainhole Technology Sells $3 Million Coinbase Shares, Buys 15.5 Million Yuan Seres Shares MT
Chinese planemaker COMAC upstages Airbus and Boeing at Singapore Airshow RE
Beijing Ultrapower Software's 2023 Profit Jumps 65% MT
Lopal Tech's Subsidiary Signs 7 Billion Yuan Battery Material Supply Deal With LG Energy Solution; Shares Up 4% MT
China's Jinke Property files reorganisation application in court, shares rise RE
CECEP Solar Energy to Pay Interest Rate of 1 Billion Yuan Green Bond MT
Chinese hedge funds struggle to calm investors amid losses, regulatory pressure RE
Pressure grows on China for big policy moves to fix economy RE
Poly Property Group Sees At Least 70% Increase in 2023 Profit MT Shares Rise as China Travel Demand Fuels Earnings Beat DJ
Chart United States Dollar (B) / Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong (USD/CNH)
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