STORY: :: Ukraine's Zelenskiy tells French lawmakers that Russia's Putin, like Hitler, has 'crossed line after line'

:: June 7, 2024

:: Paris, France

:: Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukrainian President

:: "Can Putin win this battle? No, because we have no right to lose. Can this war end along the current lines?

No, because there are no lines for evil, either 80 years ago or now. And if someone tries to draw temporary lines, it will only give a pause before a new war. It is the same now as it was when evil was unleashing its aggression against its neighbors in the 1930s. Hitler crossed line after line. Putin is doing the same."


:: "French combat aircraft, brilliant fighter jets that, under the control of Ukrainian pilots, will prove that Europe is stronger. Stronger than the evil that dared to threaten Europe. Now, just as 80 years ago, we can prove it. The power of our unity, the power of the alliance, the power of our shared ideals."

Referring to reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to halt the war in Ukraine with a negotiated ceasefire that recognizes the current battlefield lines, Zelenskiy said drawing temporary lines will only give Russia a pause before starting a new war.

Zelenskiy's speech comes a day after world leaders marked the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in World War Two, and after French President Emmanuel Macron announced his country will provide Mirage 2000 warplanes to Ukraine. He did not specify how many Mirages France would provide, when or under what financial terms.

Macron also said France has proposed Ukrainian pilots be trained in France from this summer.