(MT Newswires) -- Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management rejects the idea that we are in a bubble similar to that of the late 90s. She points out that, unlike that period, today's technologies are ready and costs have come down, after two decades of maturation. However, she sees potential for a correction in the semiconductor sector, but not an end to growth. She notes an improvement in delivery times for GPUs, a sign of possible overstocking due to fears of shortages.

Wood maintains that demand for semiconductors remains robust and compares the situation to that of the initial Internet boom, suggesting a phase of evaluation of corporate spending after a period of intense investment. She insists that companies need to integrate and map their data and processes, which may slow investment temporarily, but says that the move towards more technology is real and massive. Wood concludes that the current enthusiasm for technology may have been a little rushed.

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