STUTTGART (BOERSE STUTTGART GMBH) - Euwax Trends on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange

Investor trends

1. discount call warrant on TSMC (WKN ME9ZD9)

The TSMC share is currently unstoppable. Since the beginning of the year, the shares of the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer have gained around 85% in value. A new record high of 192.79 US dollars was reached yesterday. TSMC will present its quarterly figures for the most recent quarter next week. Compared to the previous year, analysts expect an increase in sales of 28% to 20 billion US dollars and an increase in earnings per share from 1.14 US dollars to 1.39 US dollars. After yesterday's all-time high, the shares of the contract manufacturer are currently trading at 184.64 US dollars. In Stuttgart, a discount call warrant is predominantly sold.

2nd discount call warrant on Rheinmetall (WKN MG39G8)

The German government's new draft budget provides for less defense spending than desired by Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. This sent defense stocks deep into the red at the end of the last trading week, with Rheinmetall shares losing around 5% of their value. Investors are taking new hope from the NATO summit that has just taken place. Observers assume that the defense alliance will need up to 50 new brigades. This allows defense shares to make up some of their losses, with Rheinmetall shares again reaching the 500 euro mark. There is therefore still potential up to the current average analyst price target of 565.50 euros. A discount call warrant on Rheinmetall is in demand on Euwax.

3. knock-out put on DAX (WKN MG72ZZ)

After an initially friendly start to the week, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell sent the DAX on a downward spiral yesterday. In his speech to the US Congress, the top US monetary authority avoided giving clear signals on future interest rate policy. Investors were disappointed and the DAX closed yesterday around 1.3 % lower at 18,236 points. Today, the share barometer is stabilizing and is trading 0.6 % higher at 18,340 points. Knock-out investors are increasingly trading products on the DAX today, led by a put.

Euwax Sentiment Index

After yesterday's 1.3 % setback, the DAX is attempting to stabilize today. In a market environment with little news, it rose by 0.6 % to 18,340 points. Market observers assume that there will be little movement in the leading German index ahead of tomorrow's US price data. Investors in Stuttgart are staying on the sidelines, with the Euwax Sentiment currently showing -44 points.

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