A small session on Wall Street, with the Nasdaq-100 ending at -0.02%, 17,933 after spending part of the session above the 18,000 mark, well helped by NXP +2.1%, Western Digital +1.8%, Zscaler +2.8%, Illumina +3%, Tesla +3.6%, Micron +4% and Palo-Alto +7.3%.

The 'Composite' eroded by -0.13% (to 15.976) and the S&P500 dropped 0.38%, weighed down by Alphabet -4.5%, Walgreen -3.4%, Moderna -2.5%, Charter Com -2.3%.

The start of the session had been promising, with all 3 US indices in the green, in line with the 17 weeks of record highs that have just elapsed... but the buying relays were lacking over the last 45 minutes (green dominated 'tech' at the time).

Wall Street finally opted for a "pause" - because the Dow Jones and Nasdaq could not be said to be consolidating at -0.15% - while awaiting further economic data this week in the United States, notably on inflation: the publication of the PCE index is expected this Thursday, February 29.

Core PCE inflation will be particularly closely watched, as its evolution could influence the Federal Reserve's next monetary policy decisions (core PCE being one of the most closely watched statistics by the Fed, it is expected to rise by 0.4% in January).

On the bond market, the deterioration in yields continues: the 10-yr yield retraces +4pts to 4.29%, the 2-yr yield climbs +5pts to 4.73%, its worst mark for three months.
US GDP for the fourth quarter - a 'revised figure' - will also be monitored on Wednesday, after an initial estimate of a 3.3% year-on-year rise, a figure that exceeded most market forecasts.

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