Wall Street continues to ignore interest-rate tension (the optimistic version sees it as proof of the robustness of the US economy) and pile up records: a new double for the S&P500 (+0.1%) with an intraday (5,001) and closing (4,998) high, a new closing record for the Dow Jones (+0.13% at 38,726, thanks to Disney's +11%) and a new double-double for the Dow Jones (+0.13% at 38,726).998), a new closing record for the Dow Jones (+0.13% to 38,726, thanks to Disney's +11.5%) and a double annual record for the Nasdaq (closing at 15,793 and 15,813 intraday).

The Nasdaq was kept in the green by NXP +2.9%, Doordash and Booking +3.5%, ON Semiconductors +4.9%.
The US indices are well on their way to a 14th in a series of 15 weeks (the longest bull run in 52 years).

In the early afternoon, the publication of US jobless claims statistics confirmed the hypothesis of a "soft landing" for the US economy, with a further drop in claims: the Labor Department announced -9,000 claimants to 218,000.000 to 218,000.

The number of people receiving regular benefits fell by 23,000 to 1,871,000 in the week to January 22.
Symmetrically, T-Bonds continued to plummet, with yields trending towards 4.163% for the '10-year' (+6.5Pts) and 4.365% for the '30-year' (+6Pts).

Yields at record highs for 2024, stock market indices also at record highs... investors still seem convinced that a 'Goldilocks'-type scenario is materializing, prompting them to continue to turn to the equity markets.

GAFAM's results literally carried the S&P and Nasdaq, but results published after the close on Thursday were heavily punished: after SNAP's -35%, Pinterest fell -20% and Expedia -14% shortly after 10 p.m. after slightly missing their sales target, Paypal fell -11.2% during the session.

WTI rose +3.3% to $76.5 a barrel, while the greenback held steady against the euro at $1.0775.

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