The New York Stock Exchange barely registered a gain on Monday morning, but its timid rise enabled the Nasdaq to post its sixth consecutive session.

At the end of the morning, the Dow Jones advanced 0.1% to 38,607.5 points, while the Nasdaq Composite gained 0.1% to 17,714.7 points.

Friday's fears of persistent inflation leading to a postponement of monetary easing are now giving way to a renewed appetite for risky assets.

After all, the "four witches" session will take place on Friday, and the Nasdaq is currently up 17% since January 1.

The temptation will be strong to ride the bullish trend to push Wall Street to new highs, in order to end the first half of the year on a high note.

At the same time, the VIX index measuring S&P 500 volatility is up 1.7%, but continues to hover around multi-month lows at 12.8 points.

With renewed interest in equities, the yield on 10-year Treasuries, which had fallen to a three-month low last week, recovered more than seven basis points to 2.29%.

Six of the 11 major S&P sector indices were up, led by industrial and consumer staples (+0.5%).

Technology stocks advanced by 0.4%, with Tesla (+3.5%) and Apple (+1.7%) continuing their upward trend of the past week.

At the time of Wall Street's opening, European stock markets were up slightly, with gains of between 0.4% (Frankfurt) and 0.9% (Paris).

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