(Alliance News) - Arecor Therapeutics PLC on Monday said that it has increased the number of subjects for its ongoing Phase One clinical trial of its ultra-rapid, ultra-concentrated insulin candidate, AT278.

The number of subjects participating in the study is now 42, compared to 32 previously.

According to the West Sussex, England-based commercial biotechnology company, this increase enhances the "power" of the study, and in turn, increases the value of the results for patients with high insulin needs.

"AT278 has the potential to be the first, and potentially only, highly concentrated and very rapid acting insulin and thereby become the gold standard insulin for those with high daily insulin needs. AT278 also has the potential to be a critical enabler in the development of next generation miniaturised and longer wear insulin delivery systems," said Chief Executive Officer Sarah Howell.

She continued: "...With all three major insulin device companies having access to patch pump technology, we expect an acceleration in the development of these next generation systems, which require a concentrated rapid acting insulin."

Trial results are expected early next year.

Arecor Therapeutics shares were flat at 195.00 pence each in London on Monday morning.

By Holly Beveridge, Alliance News reporter

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